The windows to the soul need a protective windshield. They work all day every day until the day. Hence they need some protection against the harsh world. But at times these warriors who protect the windows tend to fall out. It may be because of the enemies they fight against or even because of the very host they protect.  But of course, they rise back after the fall. And if these hints are enough you might have correctly guessed it the eyelashes.

Eyelashes are the pretty curly tiny hair found on the lids of the eyes. They help in protecting the eyes from dust and dirt. But also as they serve as a symbol of prettiness everyone tends to beautify these eyelashes to make their eyes look pretty. And that’s completely fine because beautifying is a part of human nature. But these beautification methods and other extra factors contribute to the loss of eyelashes. However, the loss of eyelashes can be recovered with some help and control over the over beautification processes.

eyelashes falling out

Causes for the loss of eyelashes:

It is a rather common procedure of the body shedding its old cells and replacing it with the rejuvenated ones. Hence losing eyelashes is not a very serious health problem. But the fact one should not ignore is that there are also other causes that cause eyelashes to fall out. Eyelashes also experience damage and eyelashes falling out can be because of the damage it has encountered. The reason for eyelashes falling out can be natural, biotic or man-made.

  • The natural causes include body heat which results in 3% cases of losing eyelashes.
  • Medical conditions like cancer also give rise to loss of eyelashes. But don’t go into a panic attack of having cancer just because a couple of hairs fell from the lashes.
  • The medical factors include infection in the eyes and certain thyroid imbalance in people.
  • External factors like hot weather or very cold weather and changes in environmental temperature also contribute to the loss of eyelashes.

The man-made causes are:

  • Rubbing eyes hardly in case of any dust irritation.
  • In women the eye makes up they use greatly affect the health of their eyelashes.
  • Removing the eye makeup roughly without care will cause great loss of eyelashes.
  • Heavy eye makeup like wearing too much mascara will weigh down delicate eyelashes and cause eyelashes falling out.
  • The glue that is used to fix false eyelashes also damage healthy lashes and cause them to fall out.

However, consulting a physician in case of severe loss of eyelashes is advisory because it may also be a symptom of underlying disease or infection.

Resurrecting the fallen shielders:

The immediate question that everyone put forth after knowing they are experiencing loss of eyelashes is, how to stop it or how to regrow them faster. The best advice is to keep oneself healthy and have a balanced good diet. This includes having protein-rich foods like nuts, broccoli, whole grains.

Do not use heavy eye makeup and even if you use do make sure to remove them carefully. Do not rub the eyes harshly in case of any irritation. Wash the eyes with cool water and close the eyes for a few seconds. This will help in protecting the eyelashes and avoiding the eyelashes falling out.