cutting the split end of hair

Are you notice that your hair lose the moisture and get so dry?? Have you notice that the hair becomes lifeless and looks so luscious?? If yes, then there are many changes of getting the split ends. If you don’t cut your split ends, it may stop the growth of the hair and spoil the hairstyle. The split ends are formed when the hair cuticle gets damaged. This outer protective sheath gets damage and cause dehydrated and weakened the inner hair.

First, you have to find out the reason for the causes of split ends. There are lots of reason causes hair split. Here are some of the basic reasons for hair split are given.

Basic hair split reasons

  • Don’t trim your hair regularly
  • Don’t conditioning your hair regularly
  • Forgot to wash your hair regularly
  • Brush your hair hard
  • Use excess chemical creams, colors or any hair treatment
  • Sun damages due to excess exposure to the sun rays
  • Use excess hair dryers
  • Use excess styling products like hair sprays, gels, mousses, etc
  • Use low-quality sleeping pillows
  • Not eating healthy foods, eat excess oily foods

These are the main reasons for the hair split.

Steps to trim your split hair

If you want to trimming split ends, you can use any of the below given methods. You can easily trim your hair yourself. No need to consult any hair specialist.

  1. Trimming the ends

If you have less time, you can choose this method for cutting off split ends. You can simply trim the ends of the split hair.

Brush your hair and clear all the knots and tangles from your hair. Take one inch of hair and clip the rest of the hair. Place the hair between your index finger and middle finger. Keep the scissors 1-2 inches of the hair and trim your hair.

  1. Hair twisting method

The hair twisting method is the normal, traditional and professional method of cutting ends of hair. Pick up one-inch of hair and twist clockwise from the roots of the hair. If you tightly twist the hair, you can easily find out the split hair. You can easily trim off your ends. Then twist the anticlockwise direction and cut the split ends.

cutting the split end of hair

  1. Hair sliding method

The hair sliding method is a difficult method. Because this method required more time to do. For this method, you have to straighten your hair. After straightening your hair, you have to remove the knots and tangles using the toothbrush. Then pick one inch of hair and find out the split hair ends. Trim the split hair ends.

Final thoughts:

You can prevent the hair from split ends by taking regular care of the hair. Trim your hair regularly, oil your hair before washing, try to avoid using styling tools, don’t wash your hair daily, don’t use hot towels, don’t use dryer, use suitable conditioner, etc. You have to cutting ends of hair regularly to maintain the health of your hair.