dying hair

We all need a little help during the depths of winter. And what better way than to enjoy your hair? This may mean trying a new style or spinning, but it’s all about colour for many. Though natural hair styles have its challenges when it comes to teinting, the results can be fantastic when you use the right products to treat your ‘doing with something like TLC after it’s teared. Here are easy tricks to maintain hair color naturally this winter for those with 4 hair or other naturally curly hair styles.hair color maintain

Treatment every day

Once your hair has been dyed, you must take a regular care regimen to maintain your appearance moisturized and lovely. All will do so somewhat differently, but the core values remain unchanged. Do not wash too much (most of them will find once a week to be enough), but be sure to hydrate every day. In your hands, put some oil and add from tip to base. Using a left-in conditioning spray with some addition of argon or jojoba oil as an alternative.

Gently handle

Far-colored hair is typically delicate compared to untouched locks. This means that after a colour treatment it is important to handle your hair carefully. Be highly responsive when bathing, detachment and styling. This means that items specifically made for color-treated natural hair are used for cleaning and hydrating purposes. Also get a high quality, broad-tooth comb for detachment as anything else will result in hair loss or injury. Always use a pool cap to protect color-treated hair from contaminants in the pool when you are a swimmer for keeping hair look colored fresh.

Conditioning of profound therapies

Then deep conditioning is the secret to keeping 4 hairs and other afro styles coloured. Although a conditioning spray can be used every day it is also necessary to devote some time to a deep conditioning treatment every week. Choose a conditioner made for black hair with colour treatment and apply after washing. Hold the product in and rinse thoroughly for a good half hour. If in doubt about what product to purchase, both are especially nutritious for the hair of the bottle containing shea butter and/or vitamin E.

Protein therapy

Although deep conditioning treatments for most hair styles are appropriate, some people often add a protein mask to the mix. These are for protein-deficient hair, a real danger to color-treated locks due to chemicals that exist in the majority of teeth. If you experience a rise in hair loss, try one of these therapies. Protein-based goods are engineered to fill the holes that occur in each strand due to cuticular damage so that they add power and brilliance.