All types of hair must have three basic layers – cuticle, cortex, and medulla. These contain keratin and the hair may change based on different types of races.

The ethnic factor may affect the texture and shape of the hair. People may have the question of which ethnicity has the best hair? The basic thing is to find out the hair type. You have to analyze your hair type. Here are some of the best ways are given to identify your hair type.

race differences in hair types

Based on the race, hair is divided into three types:

  • Afro hair
  • Asian hair
  • Caucasian hair

Afro hair

If you have an Afro hair type, your hair follicles are elliptical or oval. So you may have the shape of a spiral hairstyle naturally. This type of hair is mostly black in color and grows slowly with 0.9cm per month. This type of hair may get easy damage because of tight hairstyles, so you have to choose hairstyles wisely.

For example there is a difference between black and blonde bob haircut and using hadviser, you can find bob haircuts for black women much faster.

Asian hair

Most of the people wonder why the Asian hairs are growing straight. The main reason is Asian hair type grows from a round follicle which gives the straight hair.

If you have Asian hair type, you can make different hairstyles easily. You can see various kinds of hair in different kinds of Asians.

Mostly Chinese and Oriental Asian hair types are usually straight and thin hair. But East Asian hair looks so strong, thick, and more resistant to hair fall and damage when compared to the other hair types. The Asian hair growth is really remarkable, that it grows 1.3cm per month. It is the fastest-growing type and has a strong resistance to damage.

Caucasian hair

When compared to the other hair types, the Caucasian hair has the highest density. You can see the different textures of Caucasian hair. It looks so fine, coarse, straight or wavy and curly. The color of the Caucasian hair is interesting shades of red, brown or mixed shades. When compared to the Asian hair, it has only fewer diameters.

So the Asian hair grows faster than this type of hair.

There is a race differences in hair types and you have to know the suitable characteristics of hairstyles. You have to know about your hair type which helps to select the suitable hair products.

Find out your hair type, use the suitable hair products and make your look smart and stylish.