Few possible things could go wrong in the mornings. Especially these mishaps could happen from the very start of the mornings itself. There are times when we don’t feel the way we usually feel after a refreshing hair wash. The fact is that it doesn’t seem refreshing at all. The hair wash part can be tricky at times because we think we have done it properly but the hair doesn’t always agree.

This is the common problem of having waxy hair after washing. This issue is not a bad one because hair greasy after washing it faced by everyone at least once in their lifetime. These buggers are not a disease or problem but after some time, a small patch of greasy hair will spread all over the head and the hair become oily after a shower.

hair greasy after washing it

Causes for these greasy messy buggers:

During our childhood, our mothers would have advised us to use the non-toxic shampoo and ditch the toxic ones. We wouldn’t have listened but who knew that it will turn out to become one of the reasons for oily hair after washing.

Well, all these are just secondary reasons for waxy hair after washing. The first reason is biological because there are several glands called the sebaceous glands that end on the entire integumentary system. These glands secrete oil called sebum to keep the skin moisturised naturally. At times these glands get triggered to secrete more oil due to many reasons and make the hair greasy after washing it.

The other reasons are not natural they tend to increase after certain things we do to our hair. The reasons may be over shampooing or over scrubbing of the scalp while bathing. These activities tend to stimulate the sebaceous glands in the scalp and cause waxy hair after washing.

The shampoo sometimes toxifies the scalp making it prone to increase sebum secretion. The over scrubbing and massaging makes the sebaceous glands get stimulated. As a result, they secrete too much sebum making the hair greasy.

Not washing the hair for more than two days will cause greasy hair. In this case, the residues don’t get washed off while rinsing the hair.

How to stop the messy scalp:

  • First thing is to wash the hair thoroughly and not half done. Washing it improperly will leave the residue oil and make the hair greasy after washing it.
  • Stop washing hair only when you hear a squeal while running the fingers through the hair. That way you’ll know that the hair is completely rid of the grease sebum.
  • Keep the scalp free from dandruff and other scalp infections. Dandruff is nothing but fungal build up on the scalp of the hair. This is because dandruff is one of the major constituents that contribute to greasy hair.
  • Useless heavy wash shampoo and use tea tree oil along with shampoo as the tea tree oil will help in balancing the ph of the scalp and prevent waxy hair after washing.

By doing all these one can prevent waxy hair after washing.