Most of the people having the question – Is makeup bad for your skin?? The actual answer is based on the products you have used for makeup. Makeup is the essential one for most of the women. The needs of makeup are also increased. So there are lots of makeup products are available. People don’t care about their ingredients, harmfulness, fragrance, etc. The word makeup means a group of facial products. But nowadays, there is all in one cream. If you choose the products based on their price or other things than the increments, makeup is bad for you.

Does makeup affect skin?

makeup damage the skin

Most of the makeup products are chemical and damage the skin. Based on the skin types, you have to choose the suitable makeup kits. There are commonly four kinds of skin types, they are:

  • Dry skin: Rough, dry, flaky and prone to itchiness.
  • Oily skin: Excess production of oil, blackheads, acne prone and large pores.
  • Sensitive skin: Stinging, tight, intolerant.
  • Normal skin: Looks oily in the skin tone but doesn’t cause any damage.

Most of the people fail to find out their skin type and don’t understand the causes inside the skin. Normally the inflammation causes redness, tenderness, itchiness, lumps, and bumps sensitive, dry and irradiating skin.  These are some of the basic symptoms caused by cosmetic allergies.

Some of the skin problems caused by cosmetics

  1. Acne cosmetica is one of the skin problem caused by some of the harm cosmetic products. This causes small pimples with redness. Some of the cosmetic products are blocking the pores but the block is made up of dead skin cells.
  2. Inflammation is another skin problem caused by makeup products. This causes excess skin turnover and causes excess oil deposited on the skin. This not completely based on the products, it is mainly based on the methods of applying and usage of the creams.
  3. The most common issues are Irritation. Some kind of skin does not accept all kinds of makeup products. In such cases, it causes irritation to the skin. If your skin is more sensitive, you have to take care of choosing the makeup products, because the sensitive skin reacts fast than the normal skin and cause irritation to the skin.
  4. Allergic contact dermatitis is caused by makeup increments. This causes red colored, itchy rashes after 12-30 hours of makeup. This is very difficult to find out the exact allergens, because it may take some more time to react and cause allergies.

These are some of the negative effects of makeup which causes severe damage to the skin.

makeup is bad for you

Final thoughts:

Generally, the chemical products in the makeup damage your skin. So be aware of choosing the makeup kits. The first step is to find out your skin type, then choose the suitable makeup creams. Always try to choose the natural ingredients which are suitable for your skin. Choose suitable makeup products and have a safety and an attractive face.